He did the song Hotuba hii, Twiza Uye Produced by Marco Chali.

Juma Nature

He did the song Shemeji & Many featuring Makupa.

Mr.II Sugu

He did the song Hili gumu (remix) produced by Marco chali.


She did the song Wimbo wa Taifa featuring Kala Jeremiah. Produced by Nahreel.


He did the song Wimbo wa Taifa featuring Nakaaya. Produced by Nahreel. He did his full album at Kama Kawa.

Mwana FA

He did the song Binamu produced by Marco Chali.


He Featured in G Solo's song Watu Wangu . Produced by Marco Chali.

Joh Makini

He did the song Niaje ni vipi? and Everytime featuring Bushoke Produced by Nahreel.


He did the song Story Tatu. The producer being Marco Chali.

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