"Uki uheshimu Muziki Lazima utapata riziki, ukiwajali mashabiki hata Mungu atakubariki. Usiulize mbona hufiki............ usisahau kupiga goti hata deal zisipotiki..........." G Solo.

Kama Kawa background..
We began operations in the year 2006. The name Kama Kawa came out of the persistence we had to make a studio become a reality. Alot of people thought we would never make it as a studio but we said 'Studio itasonga Kama Kawa!' Thus Kama Kawa records brand is born.It was started from the support of Michael Kimaro . The other founding members were G-Solo, Mo-G, Dany and Stanley.

The fight still goes on.
End of 2006 Dany and Mo-G pulled out, I was left with Michael running the game Kama Kawa.

From there we got a producer Jonas then Marco Chali came afterwards till 2008. Marco Chali invited TC in Kama Kawa Records then came Yuddy. Yuddy, TC and Marco chali were working together and after Marco Chali moved out Producer Q took the Place. Q left the Kama Kawa studios afterwards. Young Talent Naahreel came as a a frequent visitor to our studios. Then it dawned on us that he had a talent to produce Banging Beats.

After an interview we assimilated him to our production team. Naareel traveled to India for studies then Master Geof. We were still working with producers from outside to add on the flava to our Banging Beats. Kama Kawa Suppoter Paul Bukhendahl introduced us to Mcee Manuu From Berlin, Germany was working with Marijani. TC introduced us to Wouter D. Snel from Holland. After Naareel leaving J.Rider and Bano as Madjem took over the operations working together with Master Geof until we closed down on 1st of January 2009. We have also worked with Ludigo and Duke Touchez. We pride ourselves in introducing producers and artistes.

Kama Kawa made them,
Most of the Producers who have passed through Kama Kawa became famous and successful.

Right now we are Back. We did our souls searching in the two years we have been absent and we now know what Tanzania and the world wants whether Bongo flava, Hip Hop, Crunk, Ragga, Traditional Music, Rhumba, Gospel, Kwaito and many more. Our studios are now in operational. We are bigger and better. We have widened our operations to publishing, Video and Audio Productions, Kama Kawa every wear clothing line designs, printing e.t.c

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The new Kama Kawa Studios.
We will be located along Mandela Road Opposite Mabibo Hostel. The State of the art equipments are currently beign installed

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